Friday, 29 August 2008

Long time, no see

I have no idea how to catch up on the last two and a half months in the unpredictable time I have before Lily wakes up, so I'm not even really going to attempt it. I have been way too busy getting used to my role as Mummy to spend a lot of time on the computer. And when I do have free time, I generally have more important things to do than blog. But I have been thinking about it and I reckon that with Lily's photoblog and our determination to keep things that are relevant to both of us on our website, I need to refocus this blog.

I feel like my everyday life type stuff is either too boring, or too personal to publish publicly.
I'd love to have a cool, crafty blog (as if there aren't already millions of those out in internet-land) but am only just getting back into stuff like that and don't feel like I'm doing anything new or original.
Or, I could just abandon the blog, since it often just feels like one more thing I have to catch up on...
So, to the (two or three?) people who actually read this - what should I be talking about here? What do you actually want to read? Why do you check this page or have it in your blog reader anyway?

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