Wednesday, 5 May 2010

When I have my house...

  • I won't keep starting every other sentence with 'When I/we have my/our house ...'
  • I'll be able to invite people over for meals, playdates, crafty get-togethers or just to show off my awesome new house.
  • there will be separate rooms for sleeping, playing, crafting, tv watching and computering, instead of them all being lumped together. This will make it easier to get things done, because I won't have to turn the sewing machine off because someone is watching tv, or have zero productive time on my computer because Lily immediately stops whatever was keeping her occupied and demands to play 'Night Garden'.
  • there will be a backyard that Lily can play in. We'll move in during Winter sometime, but she won't care and neither will I.
  • I might actually find the time and energy to blog regularly. Until then, I'm not going to feel any more guilt about not updating. For now, I'll just leave you with this (embarrassingly out of focus) photo of Lily in front of our house, wearing her clothkits dress that I made last week and remind you that I'm on twitter for regular mini-blogging.

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