Thursday, 25 October 2007

quick note

(cut and paste direct from the comment I left on Sharon's blog because I lack the energy or imagination to do anything more)

Sorry I'm not providing any interesting reading - we're still on the slowest dial-up I've used since the mid-90s, which is only worth paying for in the evenings and I quickly tire of it. Plus, I've been hit by morning sickness pretty bad - good in that it supposedly means my body is doing all the things it's supposed to, bad in that I've spent the majority of time since we moved either asleep or curled up on the couch in a daze.

Broadband's supposed to be connected by the weekend and I'll make an effort to update when it does.

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Saturday, 6 October 2007

Have Been, Am and Will Be

Have Been:

To and from Australia. Went to a birthday party, a couple of beautiful weddings, a wildlife park (with some of the international wedding guests) and some favourite shopping centres. Had dinners and lunches with lots of different friends, some of whom we hadn't seen in ages. Got to meet my sister's boyfriend. Had an awesome going back (as opposed to away) party on the Saturday before we left. Took a LOT of photos.

Getting cool mail, even when I was 10,000 miles from my usual postal address. See here for pictures (too lazy to take my own). Thanks Leonie.

Feeling nauseous. Morning sickness without the vomiting (yet), but lasting a big chunk of the day. Could also be tied in to jet lag and the flu that Graeme bought home on his first day of commuting on the Underground again. Oh yeah, I guess I should tell those of you who only interact with me on the internet that I am pregnant, especially because this is where all my friends and family from back home are expecting updates. Sorry it wasn't a more exciting/dramatic post :D

Going to the doctor. My official due date is May 27. All we did was fill out paperwork (typical England). I had to pick which hospital I wanted to have the baby already. The same place will provide all my antenatal care and stuff. My first choice is local, the care is provided by a team of midwives, and it was recommended by the girl upstairs who had her little boy while we were away. I'll find out if I actually got my first choice soon and then I'll do a more detailed post for those who are interested.


Right in the middle of moving house (literally - we're having a break to eat lunch and watch the Australia V England Rugby World Cup game). The place is a mess, but it is much easier to move when you don't have to take the furniture.

Excited about the new house. It's even better than I remember - light, spacious, much better suited to our living style - and our landlords are great.

Will Be:

Without proper internet for who knows how long. We currently have cable, but the new place isn't in the cabled region, so we're going to have to get DSL or something and that will take a couple of weeks, apparently. We will probably have some basic dial-up, but I won't be online much because I'm cheap.

Finally sorting through my photos from Australia. Hopefully the lack of internet will make my time more productive. I will post here if I manage to upload some of them.

Planning a trip to Italy, we think. It's one of the places we really want to go sans-kid, especially because we're pretty sure we're going to do a contiki tour, so we gotta go soon.

Sorting myself out to get some days teaching - it'll probably be horrible, but I need to make some money.

Enjoying the autumn colours.

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