Wednesday, 23 April 2008

33-34 weeks

Really starting to feel big now. Depending how Squishy is positioned, my belly button is often non-existent. Sleeping a lot and get tired easily. Not too interested in the computer lately, thus the lack of updates, here and elsewhere around the web. Would much rather play Mario Kart on the Wii, especially because I can comfortably do so while sitting on the couch with my feet up. Apologies to anyone who I owe an email to (there are quite a few of you).

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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

32 weeks

Another silhouette - still trying to perfect the whole process from taking the photo to outlining the thing, so they're not quite as comparable as I'd like, but oh well. Another trip to the GP tomorrow - it's the first time Graeme can come (being unemployed as he is at the moment - we've been playing a lot of Wii)and he's quite excited to hear the heartbeat again, although he's well aware that Squishy is here and seemingly doing OK, from the amount s/he makes my belly move around.

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Monday, 7 April 2008

More Snow

Yes, it is April. Yes, I am in London, England. Yes, it is supposed to be Spring. But, this morning I woke up (at 10am, no less) to find that it had not only snowed overnight, but was still falling and actually sticking. Judging by the cars, we got about 5cm of snow. There's nothing like snow to encourage me into alertness - we were quickly fed, washed and dressed and out the door headed to the park. This is not the usual English reaction to snow. In fact, we were surprised at how few families we found in the park, but there were a few having snowball fights and building snowmen. I wanted to build a snowman too, but Graeme wasn't interested and helpfully reminded me that bending over to roll a big ball of snow would not be the easiest thing for me to do right now, so instead I made a mini one:
finished snowman
(photo by Graeme)

We walked around the park, trying to work out which ducks were the ones we'd seen as little fluffy ducklings a couple of weeks ago, had some morning tea in the cafe and took a bunch of photos (see both mine and Graeme's flickr). By the time we headed home, it had stopped snowing and the trees were all dumping their loads. The sun has since come out and melted the rest away, well, at least what we can see from our window.

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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

31 weeks

More accurate than last week's because it is based on a photo taken just in my underwear (I know you all wanted that image in your heads :D). Although I did have to guesstimate part of the curve of my back (because my arm was in the way) and the top of my head (since I was still wearing a towel after washing my hair - also why I appear to be bald).

Not much new to report, other than an annoying toothache that has just popped up and brings varying degrees of pain/annoyance. I hate the dentist at the best of times, so the idea of going to see one while I still have a fairly active gag-reflex and can't accept drugs or x-rays is beyond unappealing, so I'm putting it off as long as it's bearable (I know that's probably not the best approach, but what are you going to do about it?). At least if I do have to go, I have my magic NHS maternity card that entitles me to free care.

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