Monday, 23 January 2006

long time no see

oops - its been so long since I posted, blogger had forgotten me and I actually had to log in again ('cause on my laptop, I usually just click the little 'Remember Me' box or whatever I can do to make it easier to get straight into my usual sites).

Anyway, there are plenty of reasons why I haven't been posting - the main one is London.
If you (if there is even a 'you' out there) had clicked around you would have noticed the link to the blog 'london here we come'. (I haven't made that a link, since the most recent post on there sends you to our actual website: Its not too exciting yet, mostly just a rehash of the blog entries, since Graeme insists on coding it all from scratch himself and we have been busy doing other stuff, although i did make a quite cool graphic for the top)
If you had clicked on any of those links, or you actually know me IRL (in real life for those people like mum who are still learning the lingo) you would know by now that in two weeks and one day I am moving to London, England for the experience of a lifetime (I hope). For more details, see one of the aforementioned sites - I am only putting that here as a rough explanation.

I guess I should also update some of my critiquing that I am supposed to be doing since I am here and procrastinating from more packing and sorting...

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