Thursday, 2 February 2006

In more important news...

We have 5 days left in Australia... Well, I guess we really have 6, since we don't leave til late on Tuesday night. I have spent most of the last week and a half stressing about whether we will get everything sorted in time, but it seems as though things are coming together. We don't have a lot of stuff left to go through and we have put a lot of our things into storage (in my parent's garage). Tomorrow a person is coming from the shipping company to work out exactly what needs to happen in order for them to move our stuff. This shouldn't be too big a deal, since we aren't taking furniture or anything, just personal things. Oh, and my beautiful sewing machine :)
It has been very hot and I am looking forward to getting to the cooler weather. According to the weather forecasts, it is supposed to snow the first night we are there. That would be cool.
As much as I'm looking forward to going, I wouldn't recommend doing things the way we have. We should've gone before we settled down and bought a house full of stuff and all that - it would've been much easier. But then, we wouldn't be going over on the companies expense, and walking straight into at least one well-paid job.

I think I need to cross-post this to our website...

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