Wednesday, 5 July 2006

All's Well That Ends Well

I went in this morning, told them they needed to sort it by the end of the week or I was out of there. By lunch time, the other new teacher and I had swapped classloads. So now I'm teaching graphics and I have the job I thought I had taken. I thought about deleting the previous post, and I might decide to in a bit, but I am still annoyed with what happened and the stress I was put through. I am just so thankful that the other new teacher is an amazing Christian woman who was willing to do the swap when she found out the whole story. I actually think things will be better this way for her as well though, because there is a great technician/assistant up in the food room who has already alleviated most of her concerns and reasons for not wanting to take on food. So I've met a couple of my new classes and am so relieved that I feel so much at home in the new room already. So everyone who was praying and stressing for/with me - Thanks. Things are on the up and I am excited about the job again.


  1. I'm very pleased that every thing has worked out. I now hope that you have fun and enjoy your time teaching. Mum

  2. Glad that everything sorted out for ya!

    I miss you and Graeme and London and football is a real time!!!

  3. Great to hear it all worked, out Kate. Sorry to phone with the bad news right before you left on your first day. Must have been a hell of a day. Hope you have enjoyed your weekend away in Romania. Cheers Karen

  4. Kate,

    as it turns out I didn't read everything in your blog before going right to the "bad" one... that said, I'm glad it worked out for you and actually sticking with the job paid off...

    thanks for the tips comparing NSW to UK schools... that may come in handy at some stage...

    Like most of your family, I am missing you both... but I am glad you got to Anfield finally, but sad you didn't get to see the hallowed turf inside... but you'll get to see a game before me anyway...

    Justy <><