Thursday, 31 August 2006


So August has come and almost gone and I haven't updated. Thought I better have at least one post this month, so here's what my August has been like:

Summer school holidays last all of August, so I haven't been working, well other than trying to work out what I'm actually going to teach this coming school year. I spent today in school trying to get my classroom organised, but they are doing a lot of renovation work over the break and its all still a big mess. Hopefully I'll actually have tables in the room before class starts next week :)

Graeme and I went on a 9 day holiday to Scotland - you can read about it on our website. Scotland is much nicer than London - less people (but friendlier ones), less polution, less cars, less of everyone living on top of each other. I guess most of Britain outside London is like that, but Scotland was great.

We only went on a short holiday within Britain because I haven't actually been paid yet, even though I started work on July 3. I have been sorting out all the paperwork and I SHOULD get paid two months pay tomorrow - although they'll probably take out more tax than they should because I only just got the paperwork to fix that...

We went and saw We Will Rock You - the musical written by Ben Elton and based on the music of Queen. Graeme basically promised on my behalf that I would write a review of it here, but part of what I loved about it was that I didn't really know what to expect - had no preconceived ideas about the plot or which songs they'd use or anything. So I'll just say it was great and leave it at that.

I pulled out my sewing machine (yes, I brought my sewing machine around the world with me) - actually, that happened in July, but I had just used it for mending and adjustments. I bought some fabric and made a couple of skirts - unfortunately I've only worn one of them and only once, because the weather here is just not suited to much less than jeans and a tshirt most days. I still have fabric that hasn't been made into anything because the change in weather right as I finished the first two kind of made me lose my motivation.

Oh, and I turned 26. Don't know what else to say about that.

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  1. Have you started back at school yet? How's it going??