Wednesday, 15 November 2006

One advantage to being sick... I can actually take some photos during daylight hours. I have a killer sore throat, a bad cough and have lost my voice, so I didn't go to work yesterday or today. This morning we went to get ourselves sorted with the doctors so I could hopefully see someone, but they have a half-day today and only one doctor, so they couldn't fit me in. See, you have to register with a local doctor here in order to get treated under the NHS (national health service, i think). We knew this already, but since we both work during the hours the local surgery (about 100m down the road) is open, we hadn't sorted it out yet. So before Graeme went to work, we went and registered. As I walked back, I noticed the squirrels were out in the park across the road, scavenging in the early morning sun (OK, so it was like 8.30, but the sun was still rising), so I went inside, grabbed my camera and went to take some photos.

Unlike the squirrels in Hyde Park, who will come right up to you looking for food, these guys usually run away at the sight of a human, dog or even bird that comes too close. But this one was up in the tree, scavenging the seeds or something and was totally happy for me to be close(ish - i did use my biggest lense).

And I just wanted to show you how great my husband is. He went and found a London-based Australian grocery shop so he could get me some Butter Menthols and Eucalyptus drops in his lunch time yesterday. He's so awesome. He also brought home a couple of Freddos and a bag of Clinkers.
Please excuse the dodgy photo - I had planned on cropping it, but I'm too lazy.


  1. He is such a nice boy, taking good care of you. I like that he also took care of himself with freddos and clinkers.

  2. Hope you are feeling better Kate. Good work Graeme. Thinking of you and looking forward to seeing you soon - we have less than 4weeks of school left!

  3. Kate likes the clinkers, they were for her :) I must say i'm not a big fan - too hard for my liking, I like the squishy chocolates :)

    There were so many more things I could have got but it's just too hard to pay £3 for a small bag of lollies you know are only worth $2, no matter how much you would like to have some! Well even more so when you know you are only a month away from a trip home!

    It was a good place to go to and learn exists for the next time we have a I wish I could have one of those situation :)