Thursday, 21 December 2006

done and dusted

that's right - i have had my last day at my unhappy job. it was actually really hard to say goodbye to some of the kids, especially when they were all being so sweet, giving me cards, gifts and hugs and begging me not to leave. but i just kept telling them (and myself) that i couldn't stay in a job i didn't like for the 20 minutes a day i did actually enjoy.

i'm a bit stressed about this job interview tomorrow - i have to do some presentations as part of it and i just found out this afternoon that the reason i hadn't got any of the extra info i'd requested is that their email server is being stupid and not letting emails through, or something. i finally have some of the info i wanted but i'm feeling totally underprepared and too tired to do anything about it... so of course i am procrastinating by writing a blog post instead of working on it.

i still have a bunch of presents to wrap, some suitcases to pack (although i won't be taking many clothes - i need to do some serious shopping, especially since my favourite jeans have a hole in them :( ), some laundry to finish, a kitchen to clean and a bunch of other things to do before i get on the plane on friday... a big part of me is actually looking forward to spending 20-something hours on a plane - there's nothing to do but sleep, read and watch movies.

oh, and in case you didn't notice - i'm too lazy to use capital letters today.

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  1. YAY! You're home soon!!!