Thursday, 25 October 2007

quick note

(cut and paste direct from the comment I left on Sharon's blog because I lack the energy or imagination to do anything more)

Sorry I'm not providing any interesting reading - we're still on the slowest dial-up I've used since the mid-90s, which is only worth paying for in the evenings and I quickly tire of it. Plus, I've been hit by morning sickness pretty bad - good in that it supposedly means my body is doing all the things it's supposed to, bad in that I've spent the majority of time since we moved either asleep or curled up on the couch in a daze.

Broadband's supposed to be connected by the weekend and I'll make an effort to update when it does.


  1. No worries. Glad that you are OK and that BF (baby finn) is hanging in there. Can you pls let me know a due date and/or how many weeks you are (and the day of week you go to new week etc) eg 12wks on xth Nov. Almost bought BF a present yesterday but told myself that was sill and to wait - am sure Sue has no such control!!! Or Elizabeth for that manner.

  2. Don't worry Sharon I'm having a very hard time exerting self control!! I keep making myself think I don't have room in my suitcases... which I don't lol.