Tuesday, 8 April 2008

32 weeks

Another silhouette - still trying to perfect the whole process from taking the photo to outlining the thing, so they're not quite as comparable as I'd like, but oh well. Another trip to the GP tomorrow - it's the first time Graeme can come (being unemployed as he is at the moment - we've been playing a lot of Wii)and he's quite excited to hear the heartbeat again, although he's well aware that Squishy is here and seemingly doing OK, from the amount s/he makes my belly move around.


  1. Love the photos so keep them coming :)

  2. I agree, today's one is just great. I loved the snow pictures from the weekend and the comment from some lady that wants you to join there group you should be very proud of your photography.
    Parcel got sent yesterday there is a double pack of tim tams for you all (don't eat them all before Elizabeth gets there) and colour charts from Bendigo woollen mills for you and her guitar stuff and cd's for her