Saturday, 31 May 2008

My 6hr trip to the doctor's

So usually when I go to the GP for my check-up, I leave the house about 40 minutes before my appointment (to account for the inevitable wait for a bus) and am home within another 40 minutes. Today, I arrived home 6 hours after I left...
My appointment was actually with the surgery nurse, just to do a check on my blood pressure and protein levels, since both have been sitting right on the borderline of acceptable. My protein was fine. My first blood pressure reading? 153/110. Seriously. That's insanely high. She made me sit for a while and take some deep breaths, took it again and it was still 141/100. Still too high. High enough that I had to call the hospital, talked to a midwife and was told to come in for monitoring. So I gave Elizabeth a call, she came and met me and we went to the hospital where they hooked me up to a fetal monitor, made me sit back in a reclining chair and took my blood pressure 3 times over about an hour to assess the situation. My blood pressure dropped steadily over that time and Squishy's heartbeat and movements were fine, so they sent me home with instructions to rest and to call the delivery suite if anything feels off over the weekend.
OK, I admit, we could've been home about 4 and a half hours after I'd left the house, but by then, we were both hungry and I really wanted to get some yarn to knit a little pram blanket for Squishy, so we went and got some lunch and visited the local yarn store (where the lady was heaps more friendly and helpful than anyone I'd previously encountered in the shop) before heading home.
So basically, I left the house planning on seeing the nurse, getting some yarn and coming home to relax, probably including an afternoon nap. Instead, I had a massive detour to the freakin' hospital because my body is being a pain. I've been giving the baby pep talks, trying to convince it that coming out soon would be a good idea. Not too sure it will work though...


  1. It could be good news! My blood pressure went up att he end of my first 2 pregnancys - so it could be signalling the end - hopefully naturally not induced. Also it's the end of the 31st now so you should get a wriggle on if you are going to arrive on my birthday Squishy! although you do have a bit longer with the time diff.

  2. I agree I think it signals that Squishy's arrival is very close. Hang in there Kate it'll all be happening before you know it.

    Hope Squishy arrives on your Birthday, Sharon. It would be a lovely present. The time difference is certainly making things interesting...