Wednesday, 28 January 2009


As we all know, I had neglected this blog for awhile. While I was gone, blogger has continued to make changes and updates. The only one I've explored so far is Following and I like it. You may (or may not) notice that I no longer have a blogroll on my sidebar - if you want to see what blogs I read (or should I say subscribe to, since some of them have been even more slack about updating than I have in the last year or so) you can just go to my blogger profile and see the blogs I am following. So far, I have only added people I know in real life, but I will add other stuff as I get to it.

I guess another way I could do this is to share my Google Reader list (I'm pretty certain I can do that...) but I don't know if people like my Mum even know what Google Reader is... do you?


  1. WHAT! Google reader didn't Graeme mention that in his last post. No I dont know what google reader is. Mum

  2. Yes I did mention Google Reader. It's basically a neat way to check whether a list of websites has been updated. Basically you add sites to your reader that you want to keep track of, and when new articles, blog posts etc are added to that site they will appear as new items in Google Reader, which looks and works much like an e-mail application. So it allows for you to quickly read through a list of website updates (or pick and choose) without having to load up stacks of browser windows/tabs.

  3. I'll teach you how to be tech-savvy when I get home, Mum. We'll get you going with all the things you need - Reader, Ravelry, etc.
    But you have a google account - just go to and play around with it.