Thursday, 5 March 2009

Sunday (came and went) Update

Gee, what did I even do last week???

Actually, not a lot.

Friday we went to the library as usual. Lily was determined to be centre stage and steal everyone's attention by bouncing, chatting and giggling - the fact that she's already adorable anyway and had her hair in pigtails probably explains the number of compliments she got. I had a very strange conversation with a woman who seemed convinced that I would never be able to wean Lily because I didn't stop breastfeeding her as soon as she was 6 months old... politely disagreed with her, but couldn't convince her that it would be ok... had a good laugh about it later, once I got over the initial 'what the?'.
We then went and hung out at one of our friend's houses and ended up staying there all day, joined later by Graeme for dinner. It was a really great day but definitely highlighted for me one of the problems with this whole 'move overseas for a few years' thing - when we left Australia, it was hard to say goodbye to our family and friends, even though we knew we'd be back - how hard then will it be to say goodbye when we leave here, without plans to ever return? I guess I've always had that fear at the back of my mind and it might be why we haven't been as social as we usually are... I don't really know where I'm going with this train of thought, but I'm going to leave it out there.

Saturday we went to Kew and had a picnic lunch. The spring flowers are starting to bloom and it's really nice - we'll definitely be making the most of our membership over the next couple months.

Really, that's about all we got up to. I've actually done more already this week but I'll save that for my next update, since I have other things I need to do right now, in that precious time between Lily's bedtime and my own.

Question (prompted by the weird conversation I mentioned): If you breastfed (especially past 6 months) how did you respond to people who thought you were weird? Is it too rude to tell them I think they're the weird ones?


  1. Tell them whatever you want. You can always mention the World Health Guidelines, that state you should breastfeed for a minimum of 2 years...

    Admittedly, I could never imagine myself lasting longer than 3 months, but what the hey - I refuse to pay for formula. And its easier.

  2. To quote the penguins in Madagascar. "Smile and wave boys just smile and wave". Otherwise you would spent too much time getting angry and telling people off if you are the type or boiling about it afterwards if you are not! I fed my 3 till all about 12months (World health org says 2yrs is best but I didnt want to do that). No probs feeding till then and no prob weaning at all. By the end it's just a morning or an evening feed that no one needs to be 'subjected' too if you dont wish. So just smile at them and wave it off and enjoy it. You can always tell them the WHO guidelines and really spin them out - Or tell them you plan to feed till they go to school and they will prob run away!!! Of course if you do plan on feeding that long we need to have a chat :)

  3. As you can see Ally and I posted almost at same time so sorry about the double whammy on the WHO guidlines.Sx

  4. Ok here is my two cents worth. You were breast fed until about 7 months and then we found out Josh was on the way. He was breastfed for about 12 months easier to make the transition to milk rather than formula. Elizabeth and Chris did their own thing, Chris deciding at about 16-18 months that it was time to stop. I was lucky because the playgroup that we were apart of at Springwood everyone breastfed so there were no strange comments. Dad having gone to college and then moving to Thirroul there wasn't the same support but we did our own thing anyway. Mum

  5. @Sharon - Yeah, I know all about the WHO guidelines and I have already told one person I was planning on breastfeeding until Lily was 15 :) My current plan is definitely until 12 months and then she can decide when she's done any time over the following year.
    @Ally - Formula is stupid expensive. I think breastfeeding is one of those things that you can't quite imagine yourself doing and then once you do, you don't know why you thought it'd be so weird/bad/whatever.
    @Sue - I guess I was only breastfed until 7 months because they used to tell you that you couldn't continue if you fell pregnant again, but that's not the case anymore.

    One thing I definitely do like to remind people is that I haven't had a period in 18 months now, although I know not everyone's bodies hold it off the whole time you breastfeed...

  6. One other big advantage for you, Kate, is how much easier your travelling is without worrying about bottles and all the added extras that go with it!

    How can anyone be critical of the security and love you are giving Lily? It's priceless.