Monday, 6 April 2009

Sunday Update

Oops, didn't mean to go a full 4 weeks without updating... Although, we haven't actually been at home on a Sunday since I last posted - last week we were in Switzerland, the week before in Belgium and the week before that we spent the whole day with friends who are headed back to the USA very soon.

And, there's plenty going on here, but lots of it I can't/won't write about on a publicly viewable website. In fact, I'm struggling to decide what I should say right now. Probably shouldn't have left this so late in the day to write. Here are some highlights of the last few weeks:

- Lily and I went along to a craft show and helped out on the Learn to Knit stand. OK, I helped teach some people to knit, Lily just acted all cute and drew in the crowd :) It was a great day and definitely something I would volunteer to do again. The rest of the craft show wasn't too exciting, although I did manage to spend a bit of money on some bits and pieces, including 10 skeins of Mirasol Hacho wool that was too big a bargain to pass up, even if it did break my rule of only buying yarn if I know what I am going to knit from it.

- Spring has sprung and we've been spending more time outdoors. Lily loves the swings at the local park. She also chats back at nature when the birds are singing or the wind is blowing. I've taken lots of photos of her surrounded by spring plants, especially daffodils - I love daffodils.

- As I said, we spent literally a full day with friends a few weeks ago. We met up at Church in the morning, grabbed some lunch to go, made our way to Kew Gardens where we picnicked then had a wander around, caught an over-crowded bus (there was rail trackwork, so replacement buses, and traffic jams) to Chiswick and had dinner all together. They go back to the USA soon, victims of this 'credit crunch' thing whose placement in the UK has been deemed too expensive.

- Lily has discovered the wonders of animals. She patted a dog in the park last week and today we took her to Kew where they have a petting farm over the Easter holidays. Photos will (should) be on her website soon.

- There's a massive post over at our website about our trip to Switzerland last weekend. If you really need more to read, go there.


  1. Love the wool what colour did you buy.
    The update on your travels sounds like you had a good weekend and I loved the photos. The first one is really interesting was it hanging in the station.
    I can't wait to see what Sooty makes of Lily, he has become a grumpy old dog.

  2. yeah we are a bit worried about what Sooty will make of Lily, I guess we'll have to watch him around her.

  3. oops, I thought I wrote what colour - I got shade 300 'tutti frutti'... not that I had a choice, it's all they had left
    the photo in Zurich? Yeah, the sculpture was hanging in the station from the roof.
    yeah, not sure about Sooty either...

  4. Enjoyed all the updates and photos too, Kate. Looks a little chilly still over there.

    Wonder how Lily will go with Misty? Misty is a lot slower these days but still there is a bit of a size difference! I bet Lily has fun sorting out both Sooty and Misty. Cheers Karen