Thursday, 6 April 2006

Ice Age 2 (2006)

We saw Ice Age 2 last night. Our first trip to the movies in a long time. Definitely the first time we've been since we've been in London.
Anyway, I loved Ice Age and the sequel was just as good. I'm not going to say better, because I haven't seen the first one in a while, so its hard to compare. I will say that it is hilarious, laugh-out-loud funny for big chunks of the time. You already know the characters and their little "herd's" dynamics, so it just jumps right in with the story. Basically, the Ice Age is ending and they have to get out of the valley before it floods.
I don't really want to divulge anymore of the plot, so its hard to write too much more about it. Just go see it (but see the first one first).

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