Tuesday, 27 June 2006

We were ROBBED!!!

OK, this is about football again, but it will (probably) be the last time I mention the world cup because this afternoon Australia were robbed of their chance by the cheating Italians when one of them dived in the box and was awarded a penalty in the last 5 seconds of the game. What stupid, idiotic moron of a referee awards a penalty like that? He basically handed the game to the Italians because there was nothing Australia could say or do that would have changed that outcome, except a miracle save from Schwarzer, but no-one can EXPECT that.

OK, I'll admit that Australia should have won the game earlier anyway - they had more chances and more control of the game, especially once the Italian player was sent off (and just so you know I'm not a ranting totally biased fan, I don't actually think the guy deserved a straight red for that tackle). They should have scored and been in front and so even when the stupid penalty was awarded, it should only have made Italy catch up, not take the game.

I'm too sad, angry, annoyed, peed off to write more now, but it totally sucks and Italy are dirty cheats and I hope they get their butts kicked in a really embarrassing defeat. Oh, and that referee is never welcome in Australia, as far as I'm concerned, because I am quickly realising its the best country in the world and he doesn't deserve to ever experience it. And now I'll stop before I start swearing and saying things I'll regret.


  1. OK - that's a rant of the first order. The penalty was VERY dubious, but Australia should have finished off the game earlier.
    And I agree about the red card - absurd - but typical of the generally abysmal refereeing in this world cup.

  2. Yeah, but it made me feel a bit better :)