Sunday, 24 September 2006

Violet Crumble, Caramello Koala and Tim Tam

My long lost friends :)

This morning we went and picked up a package from the post office - it turned out to be a birthday present from Elizabeth which had taken extra long to arrive because, even though she stayed with us for a month, she wrote the wrong house number. Inside were several violet crumbles, a couple of giant caramello koalas, some strawberry freddos (Graeme will probably eat all of those) and a packet of Tim Tams. I'm sure it cost her twice as much to send the things as it did to actually buy them, but they were much appreciated. We have eaten 2 Tim Tams each - the plan is to make them last as long as possible - and you can see Graeme savouring his just there. (The picture is dodgy because I took it with my mobile in bad light, but you get the idea)


  1. The plan was for the Strawberry Freddos to be for Graeme, I just forgot to write that, lol.

    Love you. MWAH!

  2. Graeme also thanks the majestic bringer of strawberry freddos ;)

  3. oh and obviously from the picture Tim Tams as well ... arrggghh Tim Tams :P

  4. You're very much welcome. It's only as much as I can do given that you put up with me for a month.