Saturday, 15 December 2007

The Results Are In...

OK, so I had my little visit to Medical Obstetrics today and got the results from all my tests.
My blood pressure is fine. The 24 hour annoyance was worth it.
The ultrasound was clear, except the tiny kidney stone and an even tinier cyst, that she said will only be an issue if my body decides to pass the stone.
I don't have any of the crazy diseases they tested me for. My liver function has improved, but is still not in the clear, so I did have to have another blood test to check it again. If all is well with this one, I get to go back to just being on the normal antenatal routine - yay!

In other news, I am officially not working at the moment. With morning sickness and my lack of energy and all, I haven't actually done any work since we got back from Australia (yeah, 2 months ago) but it was still causing me unnecessary stress worrying about my lack of income, as well as having to deal with making myself unavailable and handle/dodge phone calls from recruitment consultants trying to get me to do work. So with Graeme's support I made the decision to officially take a break, with no pressure on when I have to go back (if at all). I have already been more productive - I might even get my Christmas cards sent out today, although since most of them are headed to Australia, I'm probably already too late... oh well.


  1. It's the thought, not the timing that's important...

  2. yes to that - your postcard of the pope arrived about a week after you got back to London.

  3. Glad to hear your check up went ok, Kate. Hope you can have some time to pamper yourself, you deserve it! I'm late with cards too and agree with your family, its the thought that counts.

  4. Can I just say that I check your blog daily and would have responded on 15th as well but we've been away from 15th till today! Glad your OK and also glad you've given yourself a break. Take care.