Monday, 24 December 2007

Merry Christmas from my dying computer

Yeah, my computer is on its last legs. Well, the hard-drive is, anyway. I'm actually a little amazed that it's even on at the moment, because at one point this afternoon, that looked doubtful. Since we were already talking about upgrading, it looks as though some new laptops are on the cards as Graeme, being a boy, can't possibly get me a new computer without getting one himself (though, to be fair, his is older than mine). All that said, this computer may go to sleep tonight and never wake up, which won't bother me too much now that I've made sure I have a backup of everything. But it will mean that I'll have to steal time on Graeme's computer if I want to be online and since he's on holidays, that may not happen too often.

So, I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and I'll see ya when I see ya, with a report of our first ever Christmas without family...

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  1. Happy Christmas from us! Next year you too will join the legend that is Santa- though for the first couple of years they have no idea - Graeme is sure to get into it though! LOve S and boys