Tuesday, 29 January 2008

A random thought...

In book 7, where were Crookshanks and Pig?

I will expand in the comments - don't read the comments unless you have read all 7 Harry Potter books, because there will be at least one fairly significant spoiler in my own comment. If you have read the books, please discuss...


  1. OK, so Hedwig dies, which I still kinda think was just a mean way of making sure that she didn't have to appear in the rest of the book. But what happens to Ron and Hermione's pets?
    I guess I imagine that Pig stays at the Burrow, since it also adds to the whole 'he's at home sick' ruse.
    So do Hermione's parents take Crookshanks to Australia? Or does he live at the Burrow too? Or does he just run wild doing his own thing until Hermione goes and finds him again?
    I have to check, but I don't think either of them are even mentioned in the early part of the book...

    What do you reckon?

  2. I think he's at The Burrow. Was just to hard to keep him in plot etc with all the moving around and Hermione would have hid her parents well so Crookshank would have been a problem ie traceable etc in all that. That's my brief thought - need to read again also.