Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Almost 2008...

still alive...

My computer sucks too much right now to spend much time on it. We re-installed Windows and Graeme did some thing where he told it to avoid the dodgy bit of the hard-drive so it isn't crashing anymore. But it isn't doing much else either, since I don't want to go to the effort of setting it back up properly when my new computer has been ordered, plus it'll probably explode if I ask it to do too much.

What this means:
  • I never sent out Christmas cards - the outside bits are made, but I never got around to finishing and printing the thing for inside.
  • I still haven't typed up a report on our trip to Italy.
  • I can't edit/sort/upload any photos, because they're all being stored elsewhere (thus the pretty Paint picture above).
  • I've been spending way too much time playing Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii.

The only thing of interest I really have to tell you is that I plan on attempting to take and share at least one photo every day in 2008. I tell you this to make myself more accountable. Of course, you won't know if I'm actually doing it until I can show you evidence, which according to Dell should be in about a week and a half. Hopefully, that'll also make me take some fat pregnant belly shots.

Oh, and if you're paying attention to the date and time of this post, you'll notice it's not far off 2008. We're totally boring and staying home, which is where we've spent most of Graeme's week and a half of holidays. It's been great.

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  1. Yay the promise of belly photos made my new years day. We too stayed in - but we are much older and boring!!! Was putting dates on my new calender and realised could put on a due date for you - very cool - my hairdresser is having a baby same time as you - just a useless fact for you!