Sunday, 2 March 2008

an expensive day out

This morning we trekked across to the other side of London to go to a Baby Show. Not something I ever really saw myself attending, but we wanted to be able to see and touch all the cloth nappy options (there are a lot) and also be able to look at all the pram/stroller/pushchairs in one go and this seemed like a good way to do it. We weren't planning on buying anything, just looking, assessing options, forming opinions. Uh, yeah. We spent about £600... Yeah, that is a lot of money. But over the next week, we should take delivery of an infant car seat, a convertible pram-stroller, a 3-wheeler frame that will take both of the former (they call the three components a 'travel system', apparently) plus a cot that works as a bedside co-sleeper or a stand-alone and can be folded up and transported like a travel cot/playpen that comes complete with matress and linen. I also brought home with me a fantastic C-shaped pillow that I can start using immediately and will be very useful for feeding. I could just link to the exact products, rather than my shoddy descriptions, I guess, but for some reason I feel weird about doing that. Might change my mind though when you all start bugging me for more details. Anyway, basically the only other big purchase we will be making for Squishy is a supply of nappies (those things ain't cheap, especially since drying takes forever here, so we need a decent supply), so I guess it isn't too bad.

Apologies to those of you uninterested in baby stuff - I realise that was a very boring post, but the grandparents seem to like to know this stuff...


  1. My first thought was WHAT 600 pound, then I saw how much you bought and thought that you actually did quiet well. Yes please, pictures would be enough to keep me happy. Josh is delivering the wool to Sharon today for her to do the next row and then she will pass it onto Clare.

  2. Good work, Kate. It sounds like just what you needed to do. I bet the pillow will be great support. I would like to see some pictures, too. Glad to hear the blanket is progressing, Sue. How does it look?

  3. Yes got wool and started and think the blanket will be totally beautiful except for my row which will be totally crap! But then you'll always think of me when Squichy puts there foot through the big whole I've made!!!
    Couldnt believe it when Josh told me you had posted - I check everyday but typically not on day you actually do! Interested in details etc - helps us cope with the distance.