Monday, 31 March 2008

Suggestive Cravings

So far, I haven't craved anything really crazy or unusual to eat as a result of being pregnant, but I have been experiencing a lot of what Graeme and I have labelled 'suggestive cravings'. I see an ad or a photo of some food, or Graeme suggests something we could eat and I become fixated on the idea of getting my hands on whatever it is and devouring it. Take, for example this photo from one of my flickr contacts of 'Toblerone Dip' (which sounds pretty awesome - click through to the photo for the recipe). However, it's not the dip that is stuck in my mind, but those little candy sticks over on the right side of the photo... I wonder if I can get them over here.

photo credit: Toblerone Dip by Steve Kay

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  1. Oh yeah that looks good. Know what you mean about suggested cravings only I didnt get when pregnant but anytime! We have a tape of Buzz Lightyear etc in Toy Story - one of those read along with the book type ones and for awhile there whenever they got to the bit where the narrator says 'They were going to his favourite resturant, Pizza Planet' I would crave Pizza - it passed though! Keep the photos/interpretations coming. Thanks