Monday, 9 February 2009

Sunday Update

We've spent the last 9 days travelling around Germany with a one-day detour into Czech (as the locals call it) to see Prague. We had a great time and are constantly amazed and thankful at how great a baby Lily is - she travels like a champion. We kept notes as we went around, so hopefully we won't take too long to put it up on our travel blog. My personal highlights included the east side gallery of the Berlin wall and the design classics in the Applied Art Museum in Cologne.

As you probably know, London has been hit by a massive cold snap while we were away. At first I was annoyed that we were missing our first decent snow in London, but then I remembered that once the novelty wore off, the reality would quickly settle in and the reality is that London is just not set up to cope with any weather other than overcast and in the teens (in degrees Celsius). No snow in sight when we got home though, just lots of rain, though Graeme said he saw some snow from the tube on the way back from the airport.

In other news, Lily broke her second bottom tooth. We noticed it yesterday morning and think it might explain the huge inconsolable crying episode on Friday evening. Her first top tooth is also visible, but hasn't actually broken through yet. As graeme said, she looks like she's going to be one of those babies that shows signs of teething for months before one breaks and then they all appear in quick succession.

My plans for this week include a lot of laundry, catching up with friends and trying to convince Lily to sleep in her own bed - she much prefers to sleep in our bed, even though hers is joined directly to the side, and has been enjoying doing just that while we were away.

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