Monday, 16 February 2009

Sunday Update

I have meant to update more over the last week. In fact, I have several things in various stages of completion that are destined for the blog, I've just had a hard time finishing and editing to the point where I'm happy to post. Hopefully I'll get them up over the next week. In the meantime, here's the interesting things we did this week...

On Monday, we walked (well, I walked, Lily rode in the stroller) to the Royal Mail depot to collect a package that they'd tried to deliver while we were away. I ended up getting drenched (Lily was nice and dry under the stroller's raincover) but it was worth it because the package was my first taste of Frugi's new range - 2 adorable new items for us to try out and review. They're both currently drying on the airer after their second wash, the first wash being Monday afternoon - I compulsively wash things before they're worn. The reviews are two of the many part-written bits sitting on my computer, but I want to road-test them at least once more before submitting the reviews. So that I don't have to mention Frugi again this post (I don't want you to get so sick of hearing about them that it turns you off because that would be a loss for you) I'll also say that I got their new catalogue on Saturday and it is beautiful, like a little magazine with articles about the cotton and stuff, plus, of course a whole bunch of adorable clothes that you end up wanting one of everything. I also got some extra catalogues and some little flyers with a discount on them and am looking forward to passing them out when people say how adorable Lily is (because they always do :D).

Friday is Lily and my going out day. Even if we're confined to the house every other day of the week, I make an effort on Fridays. We start off the morning at 'Baby Bounce n Rhyme' at the local library and usually spend at least an extra half hour there, playing with other babies and chatting to their mums, reading books, taking advantage of the carpet to perfect our crawling since we have slippy wooden floors at home... OK, that last one is just Lily. Then we usually move on from the library (or, on the odd occasion, just across the library to their cafe) with at least one other Mum and her kid/s. We also often do some shopping, mostly of the window kind - I do the shopping while Lily has a nap in her stroller. This Friday, we had such a good day out, including eating at a proper restaurant for lunch, just the two of us, we didn't get home until about 4pm... and then completely crashed out.

We (that's a Graeme and I 'we', this time) never really celebrate Valentine's Day, but we did end up going out for a nice lunch and some shopping yesterday - we bought Lily a present, if that counts (not actually because it was Valentine's Day, though, just because we saw a toy we knew she'd love for less than half price). That was, of course, after our first lie-in in weeks that included a skype call with Lily's Nana.

So, what did you do this week?


  1. Hi
    My week was good I have been sewing, had my quilt class on Friday night and am doing a strip drunkards path quilt this year colours start at yellow purple orange and green - colourwash style.Have almost got Chris's 21st quilt finished and Daves mum is home so I can now work out with her about quilting the other quilts
    Found it hard to not watch what was happening in Victoria and trying not to cry - very hard.

  2. Hi Kate

    Thanks for letting me know you were using your blog again. Finally have had a chance to read through all that I have missed. Love the clothes from Frugi. Well done for becoming a reviewer. Can we buy clothes for Lily from here?

    I'm sorry I missed posting a comment for your blog in time (plus I don't have a blog - maybe its time I did?) but I really liked your friend's story.

    My week has been pretty quiet, apart from the normal stuff like work,shopping etc,I finished reading a good book last Sunday and watched a really interesting series last night on the life of Audrey Hepburn. CSI is finally back on tomorrow night. Yahoo. Life after uni is so good.

    PS Sue I know what you mean about the disaster in Victoria. It's hard not to be moved by the pictures we have seen.

  3. Of COURSE you can buy clothes for Lily from Frugi - they ship worldwide from their website, but may have some suppliers in Australia - I'll find out (shipping to Australia isn't cheap). You can also buy Frugi Treasure, which is a gift voucher...