Monday, 9 August 2010

08 - Sunday BBQ

A couple of months ago, the weekend that I was down in Melbourne with my sister, back in Sydney my Dad decided he was going to cook a bbq for Sunday lunch. It was just after the family dog had been put down (he was a 14 year old cattle dog who I honestly did not expect to find alive when we moved back from the UK, so it wasn't a devastating experience, for me anyway) and meant that everyone, especially Lily, could finally hang out in the backyard worry-free (Sooty was pretty territorial). Dad decided it was such a success that every Sunday since then, when there hasn't been something else on, we've had a bbq lunch. Mum was saying yesterday that she'd really like to keep doing it even once we've moved out, which I think might be a nice way to make sure we catch up regularly.

This is Lily mid flight. Graeme throws her up in the air and she giggles uncontrollably and asks for more. Then, when he gives up, she wants me to do it too, but the kid is getting heavy...

(hey, sister, brother and sis-in-law that live too far away - see what you're missing out on? You should all move back closer, ok? ;D)

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