Sunday, 1 August 2010

30 - Part 1

It's August. My birth month. Which means it is now officially the month in which I will celebrate my 30th birthday. I'm not all that fussed about the number since I don't think life should be dictated by your age, but it is a significant milestone and one worth taking some time to record, I think.

I decided it'd be nice to document it, in photos of course as that is generally my medium of choice. But not just the day - the stuff that happens around it. A record of what my life was like when I turned 30 in 2010. So I'm going to make sure I get my camera out and take some photos every day, because I've been slack about that. And I'll try to post at least one of them here every day, because even when I do take photos, I don't sort them and post them anywhere in a timely manner. We'll see how I go. This is going to be a busy month - we will get the keys to our house, finish everything off and hopefully move in before the month is out, so it should be interesting.

So, August 1.
First, the pretty photo.

It's so nice to see bees and flowers in the yard. Sydney winter is nowhere near as intense as London winter, but other than the birthdays, there's not a lot of good things about winter. I also saw my first daffodil of the year today, but didn't have my camera on me - that'll teach me.

This one is nothing special photography-wise, but is much more a glimpse into my life. Plus, I just had to show you what my 2 year old's sense of style is like:

She had to wear that summer dress, so we forced her into a long sleeve onesie underneath and told her she had to wear something on her legs. She chose pink leggings. Then topped it off with a purple 'tinklebell' jacket and the red shoes - nice.

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