Wednesday, 10 January 2007

50 Projects in 2007 - Project #1

i'm not really the new-years-resolution-making-type, but one of the girls from an online commuity i am part of suggested a challenge to complete 50 crafty/creative projects in 2007. since i feel as though the only creative output i had in 2006 was the 5000-odd photos i took, i jumped on board.

so here is my first project - something to keep my wrists/hands warm over this crazy long winter i am experiencing (i feel like it should be warming up already and its not even half way over).

i didn't use a pattern - i just bought some wool and the appropriate sized needles and went for it. i'm quite happy with how they turned out.

unfortunately, i have hardly any crafting supplies here in london, so without buying new things, i am basically restricted to badgemaking, scrapbooking (although, i guess this is something i should get working on with all those photos) and other paper crafts. i have my sewing machine but no fabric. oh, hang on, i have the fabric scraps from the school musical costumes i made, which unfortunately i got no photos of :(

so project #2 is a hat out of the leftover wool from my gloves and just writing this post has given me ideas for other projects (even if it turned a bit rambly).


  1. I reckon winter is just starting, and as we are travelling to some colder places then London soon I reckon some more winter related projects wouldn't go astray.

  2. What crafting supplies would you like me to send you

  3. see, the problem is, if you send me stuff, it costs a fair chunk of money in postage.

    i had planned to go through and pull some stuff out to bring back with me but didn't get around to it.

    i really need to focus on my photos anyway and i have plenty of stuff for that (for now)