Thursday, 11 January 2007

Les Misérables (1998)

one of our many dvds that we own and hadn't actually sat down and watched yet. now i really have read the book, seen the play and watched the movie :)

right about here, i was going to refer back to my review of the stage show, but i can't seem to find it... oh hang on, its on our other webpage, and not as detailed as i thought.

anyway, the movie is (like the musical) a fine example of how to turn a (massive) novel into a good film. ok, i admit i have only read les mis once, and it was awhile ago, whereas i have read hp a lot of times over the last few years, but i still hold to my opinion that the makers of the harry potter films should be learning from other book-film conversions. none of the really important storylines were cut (in fact i only actually noticed the missing eponine), i felt the same/similar things about the characters as i did when i read the book and i still cried several times, even though i knew full-well what was coming. obviously, i enjoyed it.

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