Thursday, 11 January 2007

Sky High (2005)

...or why I'm still a kid at heart.

i watched this yesterday, not on the disney channel, but it could've been :)

basically, the plot is, a kid starts his first day at high school. but this high school is for kids with superpowers, and this particular kid is the son of not one, but two, of the most powerful superheroes in the world (where every superhero seems to live in the same suburb and yet still have alter-egos, but anyway). of course, the kid hasn't actually discovered what (if any) superpowers he has yet and wackiness ensues*.

i actually really enjoyed it. sure, it was totally predictable, very tame, and i saw the 'twist' before it should've been obvious there even was one, but it was fun and easy to digest and all that. my sister tells me there is a lj community for grownups who still love everything disney - perhaps i should seek it out and join in. did i mention i've seen High School Musical 3 times?

*"wackiness ensues" being my way of saying i can't be bothered describing the plot anymore


  1. including one watch of High School Musical with the sing-a-long lyrics at the bottom :)

  2. which you know because you watched it with me :P

  3. This was on Disney Channel here, and I'd just sat down to watch it when the parents informed me we had to leave to go somewhere. We don't get Disney at the Hall :(

    And I've seen High School Musical about that many times, possibly an extra one. They're making HSM2 this year, lol.