Monday, 9 July 2007

Happy July

I've been slack and this is my first post this month. I can't believe 2007 is half way over...

Anyway, we went to Lisbon last weekend and had a great time (excepting the last few hours when we spent way too much time in the airport). You can read about it here, if you like. The rest of the week was quite uneventful - working, paying too much money to get the car fixed, etc.

Yesterday we went into Hyde Park to see some of the Tour de France.

tour de france

It was very crowded and hard to see much. And really, there wasn't much to see anyway, once you'd seen one little group go by - police bike followed by cyclist followed by team car carrying spare bikes, sometimes accompanied by a brave guy on the back of a motorbike with a tv camera - you'd pretty much seen all that was going to happen for the whole day. We ended up on one of the big open areas watching the coverage on the big tv screen, which seemed kind of silly, but at least London was getting one of the first real warm, sunny days of the year, so it was nice to just soak up the sun for a bit.

On the way back to the bus, we saw a swan with a bunch of furry grey signets - they were so cute.


Last night we watched the first Harry Potter film. We were going to watch some special on itv about the fifth film, but after watching 5 minutes, it seemed it was going to spoil too much (it was showing a LOT of the scenes) so we decided to just watch the first film - we're going to watch all 4 this week before we see the fifth, just for fun :) Or maybe just to get our heads in the right space where we're not expecting it to be too close to the book, so we're not too disappointed.

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  1. Channel 9 has been showing them, but I had, had a similar thought as you to watch them this week. And given that it is pouring here at the moment that sounds like a great idea.
    Love the photos that you added yesterday the sunset ones are beautiful and the comment from some guy asking you to join some group is great.