Thursday, 12 July 2007

My husband is old...

...ok, so he's only a month and a week older than I am, but for 38 days, starting today (sometime - I don't know what time of day he was born and that would be Australian time anyway, so who knows), he is 27 and I am still 26. 27 does seem pretty damn grown-up right now, especially when you consider that we were both 17 when we started going out - scary. Oh well, we're both still kids at heart :)

Happy Birthday Graeme


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  1. Hi Kate. Interesting photo. Haven't seen the goatee before. Graeme was born at 1.30 pm. He was a big baby at 4.37kgs after 4.5 hours of labour. He arrived a week late but when he decided to be born, he came with a rush. I hope for your sake, your babies aren't the same size!! Love Karen