Tuesday, 11 September 2007


I am going through my many thousands of digital photos, deleting the bad and embarrassing ones so that I can burn a back-up that can be left with my parents in Australia and which I will be happy for people to look at.

Inspired by the photos I am looking through, which date back to July 2004, here is a random list of things I miss about home:

Teaching kids who are a joy to teach, even when they're being a pain in the butt, alongside other teachers that love their students and their jobs. Getting the chance to celebrate with them when they reach milestones, like finishing year 10.

Hanging out with a group of awesome girls and women once a week.

Panthers home games - hey, we haven't even been to the new ground yet...

Going to loud concerts, both as a member of the audience and working front of house.

Camps (not the tent kind).

Being around for the big (and little) events in the lives of friends and family.

Sooty and Misty (they're mine and Graeme's family dogs, respectively)

Other things I'm noticing:

The camera upgrade in 2005 greatly increased the number of photos I was taking.

My photography skills have definitely improved - good in that every new folder has more and more good photos in it; bad in that I am struggling to decide where to draw the line in terms of what to keep.

I have to keep telling myself not to be such a perfectionist, I don't have time to edit these photos (colour balance, cropping, etc) and I really don't want to, because I want a back-up of the originals.

I do actually trust other people with my camera more than I thought I did. And sometimes they take great photos. But its funny how Josh gets the camera and suddenly there's a bunch of photos of Jac, or Elizabeth takes photos of herself... Speaking of Josh, he likes to take photos of people stuffing their faces, apparently.

I love taking portraits - don't think I've taken many recently though, since there aren't as many people around whose faces I want to capture.

This picture of Chris is awesome - look at all that hair :)

chris, december 2005

(I'm too lazy to upload a bunch more just now)

Anyway, I've just about hit the point where we came here (I'm doing it chronologically). Maybe I'll make a separate post as I go through the rest about the good things about being in London, since I often need a reminder myself...

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