Monday, 10 September 2007

Uh, yeah

Is it really sad that I think this looks awesome? I can totally see me and Elizabeth playing that for hours on end...

To answer some of the questions I've been getting, such as in the comments to my last post, the place we are moving to is about 2km further west of the centre of London than we currently live. We will still be in the borough of Ealing and easily accessible to Heathrow (hint, hint, anyone wanna visit?). It will actually be faster to get into the city because we won't have to use the crappy District Line on the tube anymore, but it's a zone further out, which adds about 50p to the single fare. It has 2 bedrooms, one of which will be Elizabeth's when she moves here in about 6 months. It will be squishy but do-able if we have guests once she's here, as long as you don't mind sleeping in the living room, or sharing a room with my sister.

OK, gonna challenge Graeme to some brain training on the ds now...


  1. DR Kamikaze's Brain Training is heaps more complex than Big Brain Training... my brain hurts.

  2. Can just imagine you and Elizabeth! Can even imaging you dressing up to do it!

  3. Having spent the weekend with Rochelle, Kirty and Katie doing the dance to We're all in this together every chance we got... I can so see us having the most fun EVER with that game, lol