Thursday, 22 February 2007


You may notice over on my sidebar I have added a flickr badge. I finally joined flickr!

You can click on any of the little photos to see them big, or go to

to see all my pictures. Thats about all you need to know. You need to have an account to comment on the photos, but its free to sign up and virtually painless (except the whole choosing a username - you'll notice mine is actually "k8 purple8" - because as things on the internet get older it gets harder and harder to get decent usernames). And if you sign up, we can be friends and see each other's photos :)

So far the only photos there are my favourites from our USA trip (a grand total of 30 - and at least 4 of them are of squirrels) but I will mainly be using it for my personal photos, rather than our travel photos - they'll still be on our website. And I've just tonight worked out how to get photos up on our website MUCH faster, but its late and I should be in bed, so I'll do some tomorrow.

And for those of you wondering how I managed to do all this when I already said I have a bunch of other things to do - shuddup. I have a perfectionist streak that meant once I started uploading and labelling photos, I couldn't stop til the job was done. Meh, just go see my flickr. And if you already have an account, be my friend :)


  1. You are just like the rest of the family - we would rather be do something that we enjoy than those things that should be getting done. The slide show is wonderful and having read the first half of your update on the website I know where they are taken which is great. When are you going to put some of the best into a portfolio to get a job as a photgrapher and/or start selling them.

  2. Yes Kate I agree with your mum.
    When can we buy a K8 original for our wall! or postcards/cards etc etc
    You should be able to make money from something you have such an eye for.