Saturday, 10 February 2007

HP Friday 5

This is actually from a livejournal community, but since I only use livejournal for reading other people's journals, I decided to start posting them here. Every Friday, 5 questions are posted relating to Harry Potter - I hope this doesn't spoil anything for anyone... Sharon, maybe you should skip question 5 :)

1. What scene added to the movies that wasn't in the books did you most enjoy?

McGonagall teaching the Gryffindors to dance in GoF - the way the characters interacted and Neville being all keen and stuff - I thought it highlighted more of the character's personalities, which is often whats missing in the movies as they try to rush though the storyline.

2. What scene added to the movies that wasn't in the books did you most dislike?
All the bird flying around getting smacked by the whomping willow stupidness in PoA - its my favourite book and while I love Alfonso Cuaron, I hate the fact that they missed MAJOR plot points and yet included rubbish like that.

3. If you had to be trapped in a lift with one Potter character, who would you choose? Why?
Fred and/or George (surely they count as one ;)?) because they would make the time pass quickly and distract me from the fact I was trapped in a small space.

4. Which Hogwarts professor does your own personality reflect most? How so?
I AM a high school teacher and I am most like Lupin - I love the kids, like to teach through real-life learning experiences and believe every student has potential, no matter what other teachers say about them (ie, Neville and Snape). Students respond positively to this, as I think they do to Lupin.

5. What do you imagine to be Draco's fate in Book 7? Do you see him rejoining the Death Eaters, joining the Order, or something else altogether?
I think it totally depends on Snape - Draco will end up on the same side as Snape, I think... of course I'm terrible at prediction questions.

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