Thursday, 22 February 2007

Jet Lag

This is the worst jet lag I have ever had (you know, in the whole year that I've become a seasoned traveller). We got back from the USA on Sunday morning and my body will not snap out of US time, even though we were only there for like 8 days. So my body clock is 5 hours behind London time and I've felt constantly tired since we got back.

I have a bunch of stuff to update, both here and on other websites. I need to start seriously seeking out some form of employment. Even the things I want to do aren't getting achieved. At least this morning I managed to drag my butt out of bed while it was still morning, so hopefully I will be able to fall asleep tonight while it is still tonight.

In other news, I am just now being reminded why Friends is still great viewing. Especially when its an episode you haven't seen before (and I have a few of them, because I didn't really watch it regularly past about season 4).

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