Friday, 6 April 2007

i just bought a wii

yeah, so graeme decided a couple of weeks ago that he couldn't wait any longer to buy a wii. problem is that the whole country is pretty much out of stock. so he found a website that automatically checks a bunch of places and updates when there is stock. he actually bought one a couple of days ago, but after a load of hassle this afternoon, where the company we ordered it through (comet - they are now on our blacklist) and the credit card company (which we are now convinced we should investigate changing) had simultaneous royal screw-ups, we were left wii-less again. graeme left work to come home, but not before leaving me instructions to keep an eye out and buy it if it came up on amazon (the only place who doesn't make you buy a big bundle worth over 300 quid) and amazingly, about 15 minutes later, it did. i never knew my heartrate could get so high while just sitting on my butt using my laptop. seriously, i was so nervous that i would miss out, i could've ordered anything - i hardly even looked at the buttons i was hitting to process the order... graeme's justification for buying a wii (when we already own an xbox 360 and a nintendo ds each) is that you can get exercise using the wii.

and while i was writing this, graeme got home and i have since placed another like 5 amazon orders to get all the extra stuff (we combine them into smaller orders, because they seem to arrive faster that way).

ok, out for dinner and its easter weekend - yay!

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