Monday, 2 April 2007


Sorry. I feel like all I've been posting about lately is Harry Potter. And I know that must be frustrating for those of you who have no interest or haven't read all of the books (btw, Sharon, I promise that I will always avoid any real spoilers, I've even been looking up how to hide part of a post so you can totally skip it).

So, I promise to do some more interesting non-hp posts, starting with this one of random things you might like to know, written in the order I think of them...

I have a few projects I have finished for my 50 projects in 2007, but I haven't taken photos yet and I don't want to just tell, I want to show, so I will try to get those up over the next few days. Its very hard being crafty here, because I feel bad buying stuff if I know I have plenty of it already (even though its all back in Sydney), but I want some new skirts for spring/summer and most of the stuff in the shops here is either ugly or expensive (usually both), so I will hopefully be doing some sewing over the next couple of weeks, assuming I can find fabrics I like and draft a decent pattern.

Its school holidays now, so I have officially gone a whole term without working - the agency I have applied to do some work through is still checking references or something. I just hope that it gets sorted this week so I can actually do some work when school goes back. More than anything, we need the money so we can book some more trips.

We went to Tate Modern yesterday, mainly to see the slides, but also because we'd never been. Looking around a Modern Art gallery with Graeme is an experience not to be missed - I highly recommend it. We were laughing very loudly and innappropriately (judging by the ambient noise level) for most of the afternoon, mainly due to the comments he kept making. It was quite apparent that he didn't think most of the stuff we saw counted as art, which I have to admit, I kind of agreed with, especially because everything is accompanied by a pretentious blurb trying to explain why it is art (or, more accurately, why it was worth spending stupid amounts of money on).

The slides in Tate Modern

We used our Tussaud's annual pass for the last time today and had the crappiest day we have had while using the pass. We went to Thorpe Park and thats all the attention I want to give that piece of news, other than to say I'm glad I didn't go to the recruitment day, as I had considered doing.

It's Easter next weekend and we are going to Monkey World. I am very excited about this. Although, as we were looking stuff up and organising what we would do for the weekend, we found out that Jim Cronin passed away, which is very sad. You can read more at the Monkey World website. We're going to other places in the south-west too, but this is the one I am most looking forward to (probably since I have been saying we should go there for longer than we've been living in the UK).

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