Saturday, 28 April 2007

why don't people update?

I get annoyed when the blogs I check/read haven't been updated in ages... and then I feel guilty because I haven't really updated in ages either - oops. And its crazy, because there is lots to talk about - overseas visitors, trips to foreign places, movies and books and plays to review, items crossed off my 101 things list, fun things about owning a wii, frustrations with the british way of doing, well, pretty much everything. Writing it out like that makes my life sound somewhat exciting - trust me, most of the time it isn't. Anyway, silly Graeme bought me a pro account on flickr today, because I was complaining that I was almost at my free limit of displayed photos and that I wanted to be able to make more sets (albums, basically) to define my photos better. So, of course, that's taking up my time - organising photos, working out what new stuff to upload, deciding how much pic-spam I can do without all my contacts hating me (or at least ignoring my photos), etc. That, and the fact that I don't actually enjoy spending 24hrs a day in front of a computer, is why, right now, you aren't going to get a real update either - sorry. I promise that over the next few days I will sit down and write up some of the posts that are banging around in my head...

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