Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Watch it: Robin Hood

A quick announcement for all my Australian friends and family - Robin Hood started on the ABC on Sunday (yesterday) and you should all be watching it. I only just found this out today, so I couldn't warn you earlier - maybe they will do a re-run during the week.

Have just got back from Easter weekend away and will update properly later...

EDIT: Graeme just informed me that I subconsciously put bbc instead of abc. It is made by and shown on bbc in england, but is on the abc in australia - hope no-one got confused...
Also, I checked for the re-run and it doesn't seem to be happening, but I think my brother might have a copy of it if you want to see it - it is unlike other robin hoods, so you really should see the first episode first, to set the scene properly.

1 comment:

  1. It looks like the first episode is on THIS Sunday
    I should have noticed if it had started already, but then again ABC doesn't really advertise anything
    Sunday nights have been Planet Earth nights and then Herod nights and I think will be Robin Hood nights from this weekend: