Wednesday, 1 August 2007

apparently we have a mouse

I say apparently because I haven't actually seen it or any evidence that it exists. But right now Graeme is creeping around the dark house trying to find it or catch it or something. I don't really know what he's doing, but this is the second evening in a few that he's been sitting next to me and suddenly jumped up because he claims to have seen a mouse run into the hallway...

In other news, I've got myself into one of those states where I have a heap of things to post here, but to post them all seems like a daunting task and I end up avoiding it all together. You can probably expect a few posts over the next couple of days now that I've told you that though, since telling people generally makes me more accountable.


  1. I think the only thing worse than thinking you have a mouse is catching the mouse and then having to deal with it!
    Happy hunting!

  2. We have a mouse as well - he runs from the kitchen to the lounge room then back again. We have rat sack under the stove and the unit in the lounge room but we don't seem to be getting anywhere with catching it. I look forward to reading whatever you have been up to and with only a couple of weeks to your birthday I need to get organised to work out what to make or get you.