Friday, 10 August 2007


We've known of the existence of this tv show for awhile, but we missed the start of the series on the sci-fi channel and just hadn't actively pursued it yet. However, they started showing it Wednesday nights on BBC2 a couple of weeks ago and we were hooked. Last night, after watching the episode on BBC2, we remembered that my brother had actually given us a disc with the first 11 episodes on it. We've just finished watching the last of those episodes and Graeme is already on the hunt for more episodes. It's weird how I have a real objection to obtaining films and music in a less than ideal way, but don't have the same issues when it comes to tv. I know I'm not the only person in the world who feels like this - really, if the networks want us to watch it when they broadcast it, they should actually show it sometime near when it premieres in it's country of origin. I know they are starting to do that sort of thing more now, both here and in Australia, because the television networks are slowly realising that people don't want to wait when they can get it online much faster and actually be up-to-date with their friends in other countries. Anyway, BBC are showing it without ads (as they do everything) so I don't feel as though we're costing them any revenue or anything. So yeah, I got a bit sidetracked, when all I really want to say is we're on the Heroes bandwagon and are enjoying the ride.

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