Friday, 3 August 2007

August 02

august 02

My collection of Harry Potter books - click on the photo to see where they come from.


  1. What an unusual way to collect souvenirs. But, silly question, can you read any of those languages? (Apart from American, that's almost the English language.)

    Interesting that Harry's name is "Kharri" in Greek. I can't make out that title but the others don't look too different. Except the French one traslates as "Sorcerors' School". It keeps the correct name "philosopher's stone" throughout. (I have a friend who read them all in French and I checked his copy.) Seems it's only the American version that got changed.

    I have to say, I'm the opposite of you. I insist on reading it in the original English. I don't even like the American translations. If it were just spelling differences it would be mildly annoying but I just can't stand the idea of the Weasleys wearing "sweaters".

  2. I feel weird commenting on my own post, but I don't know how else to answer...

    No, I can't read any of the languages, other than some very basic stuff I've picked up in my travels (thus the fact that I translated the French the way I did, because I just saw 'Sorciers', but I'm gonna go change that because I'd much rather refer to it by the name it was given by the author :D). But there are lots of different covers and fonts and ways of typesetting and laying out the books, so I think they're cool. Remember, I'm a trained designer so I like pretty things. Granted, a few countries just use exactly the same covers as the US or UK ones, but some are really different and great.

    Our first 6 books are all Australian editions, which are identical to the UK ones in every way except where they are printed. Our 2 first edition copies (one of each cover) of book 7 are obviously UK editions. I agree with you that the American translations are annoying.

  3. Don't feel weird, I do it all the time, so does Cameron. In fact, he carries on extended conversations via the comments on his blog.