Friday, 17 August 2007

Elizabeth Wins the Card Race

...although Mum may still win overall if her card arrives tomorrow because mailing a birthday card to arrive on the right day is impressive enough, but when that card has to travel from Sydney to London (and therefore be handled by both Australia Post AND Royal Mail) it's just WOW. Apparently Elizabeth only mailed hers on Tuesday lunchtime in Melbourne, so that's quite impressive. I'm not just telling you this to remind you that tomorrow is my birthday :D They actually asked me to tell them which one got here first since they mailed them the same day. So I guess, in this case, Melbourne beats Sydney.

Oh, I should say that the packages from Graeme's mum and grandparents both arrived ages ago (thanks) and I couldn't resist opening them. His mum sent a travel book, of which we're building up quite a collection. His grandma always sends me socks... but that's because she's like me and has big feet and knows how hard it can be to get decent socks in larger sizes... and they're bonds. I love bonds. Plus a cool hat from Target. It's probably hard to imagine how much I miss Target - lame, huh?


  1. Sorry we are soooo slack and haven't send anything by real post - you should have an interesting email awaiting you though - we do know it's your birthday - it's between Finn and Scully's so we're likely to forget!
    Hope it's a great day!

  2. That of course should read 'unlikely to forget'