Thursday, 16 August 2007

August 15

august 15

This photo kinda sums up our day...

My laptop screen (on the left) shows one of the crappy photos I took of the fair setting up as I walked home from seeing some potential new homes (although the word 'potential' implies any of them were actually worth considering moving into, which they weren't really... ok, the one that she sneakily showed me that was way higher than our price range was nice - river view and everything, but I digress). Obviously, i wasn't happy with any of the photos so had to take some more.

Graeme's laptop (right) shows house-hunting in progress.

The tv (in the middle) is showing ads during Match of the Day on BBC1.

We've been here for the last 20 minutes or so and probably will be here til we go to bed. Basically, our lives have once again become consumed with trying to find ourselves a place to live for the rest of our time in London... I'm already sick of it and we're pretty much only 1 day in.


  1. On the plus side, Wii sensor bar

    Did you guys get Mario Strikers yet and would you recommend it?

  2. no, we haven't bought a new wii game in a bit...