Thursday, 2 August 2007

August 01

august 01

#54 on my 101 things list is to take at least one photo every day for a month. So here is day 1. You can expect to see the photos virtually straight from the camera, because I'm not willing to set myself up to spend a lot of time every day on post-processing - I'll just upload and post. I kind of have this idea that I would love to take a photo every day of my 28th year, which doesn't actually start until the 18th I know, but I decided to start now, aim for a photo every day of August and hopefully have it so built into my routine that I continue with it for the rest of the year.

#52 on the list is to identify and photograph 101 things that make me happy, so if I'm not doing anything very interesting or not super inspired on any particular day, I aim to kill two birds with one stone. And that's how this image came about - it's not the fanciest collection of water colours, but I still love the way you add water to the hard blocks of colour and suddenly have paint.

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