Friday, 3 August 2007


Never got around to those updates, did I? I guess it's kind of a good thing, because I've been spending time doing things not on my computer, but I feel bad because I said they were coming and they didn't. And they're not even that exciting (just what we did on the weekend and the latest films we've seen and things like that) but now I've stupidly built them up so when you read them you'll be all like "is that it?"

And now it won't happen for awhile because my next three days will be busy. This time tomorrow I'll be sitting outside Edinburgh castle watching the military tattoo. We're catching the train up tomorrow and coming back on Saturday. And just today we bought tickets for this on Sunday which looks really cool. So I might not be around to do updates (and upload all those photos I will be taking over the next 3 days) until Monday. A part of me can't quite believe I'm going to post that info on my blog and feels like pointing out that we have locks on all our windows - why is that?

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